Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After 8 months of dealing with a pregnant woman, I've come to realize that there is nearly not enough information on the internet for soon to be fathers. My wife (being the lovely lady she is) has of course spent a countless amount of hours reading information about how her body will change, the effects having a baby will have in the rest of her life and so on.
Being a curious being i tried reading some of the literature she had, but after a couple of hours of reading about growing breasts, expanding hips, and possible hormonal changes that might come along with pregnancy a thought hit me like a brick in the head.... Isn't my life about to change too? Although my wife is suffering from the side effects of pregnancy, don't those side effects affect our relationship which in turn affects me? What do i tell my wife when she asks, honey are my hips too big?
So after a few brief moments of panic, i decided to do something about it. I will write in this blog about how to be a father in training. Now I'm not an expert, but quite frankly i don't need an expert right now, just someone with experience. And that's what i will be to all you guys who are about to embark in the wonderful journey of expanding your families. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and more importantly i hope it helps you get through the very hard times you will have to face. I know that writing all this helps me.

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  1. Hi i'm the lovely lady he is talking about...i love you so much baby....i know we will be great parents together despite all the changes we will go through!