Saturday, July 10, 2010

... What now?

So your a few months into finding out your going to be a father and you've gotten over the initial shock, what now? Well I really don't know what your experience will be, but i can definitely share mine. Hopefully you DON'T have the room ready by now, that would just be weird, plus you don't even know if your having a boy or a girl yet. Actually during this time that was all i was thinking about. Will I have a boy or a girl? Also names.... yeah I would say that is actually one of the main conversation topics i had with my wife at the time. We went through HUNDREDS of names, and I'm not exaggerating (Joe).

But all in all this was probably one of the most exciting times for us as a couple. My wife's belly started to grow a little (really started to grow after the 3 month mark) and to my surprise my belly started to grow too! except mine was not growing because i was pregnant...

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